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Magic cards

Magic Cards

We offer an ingenious deck of cards, which allows anyone to be able  to perform amazing tricks, without much practice and study!!!

Below a small selection of possible tricks:

  • You put a note on the predicted card on the table. A spectator can choose one from the pile and return it to the game. With this trick you can finally take out the right card from the game …!
  • Ask a spectator to choose a card from the game and put it back into the game but to remember it. Cut the stack several times. Put several single cards on the table and have a spectacor choose one. Of course it will be the right card …!
  • One card is to be again choosen by a spectator and put back ino the game. Now cut the stack several times and ask a spectator to build 5 – 6 piles side by side on the table. Another spectator can now choose an arbitrary pile. The card on the top will be the right one …!
Magic Cards

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We can offer you this unique trick playing cards!
Simply put € 20.– in an envelope and send it directly to:

„Captain Green“
Gass 13
CH-5425 Schneisingen / AG

Magic Cards

Captain Green confirms: I promise you will promptly receive these fine special playing cards with a instructions for 10 different trick!